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Myth - I’m not flexible at all. I can’t do Pilates.

With an experienced instructor, Pilates is a good workout for people with a varied range of physical attributes and needs. And yes, we have seen and worked with them all. From the athlete who is looking for more efficiency in a sport to the sedentary office worker with terrible posture, to people suffering from injuries and challenging physical conditions. Pilates is gentle on the joints and because of the variety of exercises available, is suitable for anyone. We would never lie to you. Flexible or not, you can do this.

Myth - Pilates Is only for your abs. It’s for people who want a six-pack.

Yeah. If it were only that easy. Pilates focuses on working the entire body. We do admit you’ll probably develop very good core strength. But it does a bunch of other things as well - it will align your spine, give you better posture, increase flexibility, strengthen underlying muscles and help you focus on better breathing. All this so you can use your body more productively while playing other sports.

Myth - Pilates is only for women

Oh balderdash! Pilates has never been "just for women.” Tell that to Lebron James and Tiger Woods (They practice Pilates. We’re not just throwing random names at you) and they will probably give you the stink eye. Pilates was developed by a man, Joseph Pilates. He was quite a macho man actually. Go ahead, google his name. We’ll wait. Pilates is adaptable to different levels of fitness and body types and with the variety of exercises available, it can help both men and women. And male and female sports teams now incorporate Pilates in their workout regimen.

Myth - I already work out at a gym. I don’t need Pilates too.

Pilates focuses more on heightened mind-body awareness. The flex of every muscle is made in conjunction with complimentary breathing. Pilates is a structured, progressive workout to make under lying muscles stronger while diminishing strain on joints and ligaments. Can this be done at a gym. Absolutely. But make sure you have an educated fitness professional helping you. Or else you’ll be probably coming to us to fix injuries.

Myth - Aren’t Pilates and Yoga the same thing?

Pilates is not a derivative of Yoga. Pilates and Yoga are very complimentary practices and have certain things like body and mind awareness, and consciousness of breath in common. Pilates emphasizes building strength in underlying muscles and while yoga has amazing physical benefits, building strength is not necessarily one of them.

They are not the same thing at all. So stop saying that.

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