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PROFORMANCE PILATES is a like new, spacious, contemporary Pilates and fitness studio located in Danville, CA. We primarily specialize in Pilates reformer classes, using the beautiful new Allegro 2 reformers by Balanced Body. We also offer Pilates mat, Foundation Training, Spin and TRX classes. 


 Features over 50 classes per week, with classes ranging as early as 6am to as late as 7pm to fit a variety of schedules. We also provide morning classes on both Saturdays and Sundays. 



Can hold up to 8 participants, and are categorized by ability level to include Introductory (6 participants max), All Levels, Intermediate and Advanced.


OUR PILATES MAT, FOUNDATION TRAINING, SPIN and TRX CLASSES can hold a maximum of 7-10 participants.


We also offer PRIVATE TRAINING by appointment for one, two, or three participants. For these sessions, our studio uses the Allegro 2 reformer with Tower unit for a more enhanced training experience with a wider variety of exercises.  We also have Pilates Chair and a Ladder Barrel for a wide range of Pilates experiences.


Clients may choose from several different TRAINING PACKAGE OPTIONS, including class packages, Private Training packages, and convenient month-to-month memberships. We also offer drop-in or single session rates. 

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